Chemical Engineering Salary

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Chemical engineering is a very valuable skill out there in the business world, especially now in our energy obsessed economy.  There are a lot of things you can do with chemicals.  For one, if you put a base and an acid together, they blow up.  Also, did you know water boils?  It’s true!  But yeah, basically what a Chemical Engineer does is goes uses chemicals to make certain raw substances into other substances that can be more easily utilized for whatever purpose.  Probably the most obvious example of this is oil refineries, where raw crude oil is taken and refined into many different forms, such as propane, gasoline, kerosene, and petroleum jelly. 

Chemical Engineering Education Requirements

There are a couple of career paths you can go down to be in chemical engineering, but they all start with college.  An engineering major can expect to spend at least four years in college, obtaining a bachelor’s of sciences in chemical engineering, and then possible going on for a master’s or a Ph.D.  The courses taken while training to be a chemical engineer will obviously be heavy in chemistry and physics, and will also have a lot to do with their practical applications.  Chemical engineering is a highly qualified career and as such, it is an exceedingly difficult one to get into.  A chemical engineering salary is high, but don’t do it for the money:  if you do, it will eat you alive.  Possibly after you are dropped into a vat of hydrochloric acid.  Or Smilex, like the Joker.  And you don’t want to be the Joker, now do you?  Of course you do, he’s awesome.

Chemical Engineering Job Description

Basically, a chemical engineer uses their knowledge of how chemicals work on a structural level to apply it to modern day uses.  this could be in any number of fields.  There are some chemical engineers who focus on biochemistry and how chemicals react within the body.  These engineers will likely end up working in the biomedical field and developing weapons.  They may also end up doing military research into chemical weapons or other war-related chemical uses.  Organic chemists may spend time using organic chemistry to develop environmental solutions to certain problems.  One of the methods espoused by chemists to stop global warming is to release sulphur into the atmosphere at a slow rate each year, thus allowing the earth to cool quickly, while the rest of us try and figure out how to cut back on our energy consumption.  They may go into the energy business, working for oil companies or biofuel companies, attempting to develop efficient and cost-effective fuels.

There are literally hundreds of other fields that chemical engineers can go into relating to all sorts of interests and specialties.  Pretty much any industry that requires the use of certain chemicals requires the use of chemical engineers.

Chemical Engineering Salary

According to Wikipedia, the source of all knowledge, a chemical engineering salary at the entry level is the highest across the board for any career measurable.  Except gold baron.  Gold barons make a lot.  But yeah, you’ll get paid a bunch working as a chemical engineer.  The typical chemical engineering salary at the entry level is around $64,000 a year, and it rises substantially with experience.  As you use more and more of these skills and get more and more experience, the chemical engineering salary can go well up into the 6 figures, maxing out around $130,000 a year. 

So if you are considering going into chemical engineering, know this:  you will be loaded.  It’s not a job that you should do just for the money, because money is not going to make up for a lot of the difficulties involved in this career, but if you truly love chemistry, you are very lucky, because your talents will pay you a lot more than my goddamn talents do.

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